Willamalane on KEZI 9 News – Big Crane

By Jeff Skrzypek, KEZI-TV SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The saying goes, if you can’t get around something, go over it. And that’s exactly what construction workers at Willamalane were forced to do Monday, Aug. 8, when installing a huge air blower system. Crews at Willamalane’s nearly remodeled adult center brought in the big crane Monday morning, hoisting a giant near 7000 pound air handler over the building. Project managers say because of the area’s geography and the buildings position, using a crane was the only way to bring in the massive air unit. Willamalane says while it was quite the show seeing the crane in action, it’s what the air handler unit will do for the building that’s truly exciting. “We’re looking at a lot of money savings, better air handling capabilities for the people, so yeah it’ll be quite an improvement,” said Jake Risley, Willamalane Park and Recreation. Willamalane say renovation for the adult center is ahead of schedule and should be re-opened in September.

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