What would it take for Denis of Cork or Icabad Crane?

What would it take for Denis of Cork or Icabad Crane or any other horse in the field (now Casino Drive is scratched) to beat Big Brown? These are the 2nd and 3rd odds favorites today, they’ve both been smoked by Big Brown already. Would it take a freak accident, or is there any way (I don’t see it) that the extra length of the Belmont could favor anyone besides Big Brown?

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  1. daletraderjack  on September 21st, 2011

    No.Big Brown would have to run backwards for these horses to beat him. There will only be decent payoffs on tri betting and super, exotics ONLY!! And really play the Belmont pick 6. For a million! Go Big Brown!!!


  2. imapcguy  on September 21st, 2011

    Ive been spending the last hour looking at Dennis of Cork.

    The fact he can close really should help in this long distance race. He had a real shot at big brown in the derby had the jockey not waited so long. Remember he was the one who came from 20th with 1/2 in the books to finish 3rd

    Thats some speed there. I’ve been watching alot of film on him and I’m growing impressed.

    On a side note everyone is saying its all about Big Brown but I remind you all as a bettor , there is still a race to bet, which many options to make some good paydays. 3 of these 8 horses (minus big brown) will have to hit the board behind BB if he wins. Which sets up for some amazing odds when there isn’t a horse on the card under 10-1

    Don’t get sucked in that this race isn’t a good one to bet, its more than a good one.



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