What was the industrial revolution and what caused it?

What was the industrial revolution and what caused it? How did it affect people and Society? What changes did the new industry make in society? What problems done by changes to an industrial society remain unsolved today?

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  1. Tricia B  on August 8th, 2011

    Wiki that. Even though it’s not the most reliable source, I doubt that anyone would mess around with the industrial revolution page. You could probably find a lot of things on google if you don’t trust Wikipedia.

    Think about it. What was society like before the industrial revolution? And what has it developed into now?

    Why do you think cities became so densely populated and diverse? And how were people finally able to move up the social ladder more freely?

    I think the whole purpose of it was for efficiency, and now we keep producing more things than we can afford to buy, and we have become very relient on technology. There is alot you could write about.


  2. C0o! G@!...0ut #erE  on August 8th, 2011

    industrial revolution started in britian and then spread 2 diff countries.in dis system d manual labour was replaced by machine manufacture and economy based on industries.it is called revolution coz of its impact in technology,society,economy n culture.the industrial revolution paved way 4 2 grops of society-capitalists n workers,while capitalist bcame more prosperous workers lived in a miserable condition.


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