What type of power supply is this for a computer?

The only power supplies I’m used to have a connector with 20 pins that’s a flat rectangle shape. I’ve just opened a friends HP and the power supply only has a connector with as high as 6 pins that goes into the board. Can someone tell me what this type of power supply is called? I’m looking to replace it but the only ones I have are the 20 pin variety.


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  1. Sachristan  on September 19th, 2012

    Which model HP computer?

    A couple of hints on HP power supplies. Some have small dimensions so you will want to measure it to make sure the replacement will fit the case.

    On the connector, I’m fairly sure there must be a 20/24 pin connector there. Some HP use a mini 20/24 pin connector and that is another consideration when replacing. Check the second picture on this page: http://www.power-on.com/connectors-adapters-oem.html


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