What is the most practical way to power operational amplifiers?

We’ve been learning about op-amp circuits, and in the lab we power them with a power supply that has a range of 0-20 V, with two sources so that both polarities are available (we generally use +/- 12 volts). Obviously, this isn’t very practical for most applications. Is there a way to power op-amp circuits without having to use two 9 volt batteries or an expensive power supply?

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  1. Rick W  on July 24th, 2013

    You can use one power supply for both the plus and minus inputs. Run leads out of both the positive and negative inputs and put a 1k-ohm resistor on each. Feedback one polarity around one resistor so that it bypasses the resistor and goes right to the input. Check out how a common-mode voltage amplifier works.


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