What is the correct placement for docks and boat hoist on michigan inland lakes.?

Is it correct to say that most reasonable people would put their docks and boat hoist straight out from the shore line to deep water and not on the angle of the property line? If everyone would go on the angle of their property the person down the line may not have any place to put their dock and some angles might run the opposite way and then there could be docks criss crossing one another. Is it correct to say that ones riparian rights out into the water is in a pie shape to the deep water or middle. Is there any where in our state laws that indicate that you should put docks out in the middle of your property, so that you wouldn’t encrouch on the neighbors property bottomlands..
We are looking for some concrete evidence that would support what we have suggested above.

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  1. Menehune  on May 23rd, 2013

    I own lake property and have asked similar questions. My concern was more related to liability but have not found the angle of property line to be at all relevant.
    First of all, the state owns the water property with easement rights belonging to adjacent property owners. The easement would normally be only based upon shore line. However, the government could grant easements to other neighboring property owners. In the end, the property owners can ask for shore rights but it is up to the state or its agents to decide.


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