What is causing loss of power in some circuits in my home?

I just started losing power in parts of my home. So naturally I go check the breakers, none are triped. The home is 20 yrs old. I have checked to see what exactly is on each breaker. So when power goes off its like I lose it on not one breaker but 4 or more at the same time. But no breakers actually trip. I went and got 5 new breakers and installed them hoping to solve this problem. I still lose power and I have noticed that on the circuts I put the new breakers the lights on those circuts come back on dim. The refrigerater isnt running but the light is on but its really dim. We have suffered a lot of power outages this winter but all my appliances seem fine. I am stumped dont understand how whole circuts go off and breakers dont trip. Any ideas?

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  1. screamingradical  on May 23rd, 2012

    Check your neutrals!


  2. indyacom  on May 23rd, 2012

    It sounds like a bad or corroded connection in the breaker box. Sometimes a group of neutral wires are twisted together and put in the same connection hole in the neutral bus. The hold down screw might be loose. If you don’t feel capable of fixing this yourself get an electrician. Bad connections are dangerous, they can cause arcing and can cause fires.


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