What can an industrial engineering doing in field of Renewable energy?

Dear all
I study industrial and systems engineering and I really want to work on Renewable energies but unfortunately I could not find any common field between my field of study and Renewable energies.
I was wondering if you could guide me to find a common field.

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  1. jfcruzr  on January 8th, 2014

    Industrial engineers could design more efficient procedural flows at any/all levels of the process. You could ensure that waste is minimized. Also, work stations can always be improved.


  2. playinmyblues  on January 8th, 2014

    Logistics – the transfer of materials from one point to another such as building materials as well as things like power lines.

    Ergonomics – putting into practice the best ways for things to be put together so that it makes for ease of use, ease of assembly or disassembly, ease of integration of new and old devices and technology into current and future projects.

    Operations Research – study and application of systems of equations to determine the best use of resources.

    Time Studies – use of systems such as MOST to determine current periods of time to complete certain operations and to find areas for improvement.

    The above are some examples of how an indsutrial engineer might be able to work in the field of renewable energy. As renewable energy is relatively new area of development, all fields of engineering are open to assistance in this particular field. One trend with this particular field might be to think that its goal is to produce renewable energy that it focusses completely on the new technologies used to produce the actual energy we are going to use.

    Consider the situation of a new company getting into renewable energy. They only have so much money to invest. If they do not focus on the right things or their predictions of what will work and what will not work are off or incorrect, they will have less money to work with in the future, both revenue and capital.

    An engineer looking to get into this field would benefit from coming up with their own ideas about what they can do but should also talk to people currently in the field to find out what their needs are. Talk to as many people as you can, both engineers and non-engineers including manual labourers. You can look into programs being offered at schools at the university level and community colleges. Work on talking to people whom have been involved in new “green” buildings as well as other areas of industry such as production of pulp and paper. There is no limit to where renewable energy can be applied, just limits on where the people in charge want to focus their energies.

    Consider the transfer of old power production technologies to new power production technologies. There must be a lot of room for an engineer to do work in that area. Brainstorm for both new ideas that nobody may have thought of as well as areas that people are currently working on.


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