What and how re: roofing hoist for HVAC?

What mechanisms are used to hoist a HVAC unit on a roof? How do they work? Where can you purchase them? Is it really true you can make your own?
There have been times when this was possible but my interest is in a simple way to do it myself. I guess if there were such a way, you’d be doing it yourself. Does anyone in the industry use anything besides a crane?

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  1. hillbilly named Possum  on May 4th, 2012

    Well, when I set a package unit or a condenser on a roof, I hire a crane to lift it up for me. The crane guy we use charges about $150 per hour, 1 hour minimum to do a job here in town. Once you think about the insurance and upkeep expenses he has, it really is a bargain.

    Possum, HVAC guy


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