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what super powers would you want?

chose three specific super powers
1 you must keep your powers a secret
2 everyone knows about your powers
there are two scenarios that warent two different answers
i would have
1 teleportation, invisibility, morphing
2 flying, super speed, morphing

What size crane would one need to hoist a Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet onto a second story roof?

If you are reading this you are probably wondering why anyone would want to do this. Let me explain the situation. My next door neighbor and I are great friends. We are constantly playing hilarious jokes on each other and we always have to one up every joke.

About a month ago I tossed a bunch of road kill in his swimming pool. He responded by setting my shrubs on fire. For my next prank I had his house painted bright pink while he was on vacation. Then he got me back by digging up my front yard with a backhoe while I was at work. Given his pattern he obviously knows I love my lawn.

He just got a brand new E-Class Cabriolet. I want to have it hoisted onto his roof in the middle of the night. I need to rent a good crane and it should probably be fairly quiet.

Haha we love playing these pranks so this should be a good one if I can pull it off.

How would i power multiple guitar food pedals without batteries?

i know you can buy power supply’s for the foot pedals, but i dont want to buy so many power supply’s for each of the pedals. Is there just one power supply that can power 2 or more pedals?

How many nuclear power plants would need to be in the US to be the main source of electricity?

France gets almost 80% of its electricity from nuclear power plants but it is a small country, so how many power plants would the US need to get around 80-90% of its electricity from nuclear power.

What would happen to the power plants if the power grid would acutely be disconnected of crippled?

What would happen if (for example) some terrorist would decide to blow up the entire (or huge amounts) of a continents power grid using an EMP bomb? More specifically, what would happen to the power plants within those regions? As they cannot store their electric energy (?), but still keep working (like a nuclear power plant), would they go into immanent melt-down?

How much power would be required to hoist a 48 kg couch up to a 34 m high balcony in 5.0 seconds? Assume it st?

How much power would be required to hoist a 48 kg couch up to a 34 m high balcony in 5.0 seconds? Assume it starts and ends at rest. answer in watts. thanks.:)

How would you hoist a motorcycle by lifting it straight up?

You probably think I’m crazy, but if I had a winch on my ceiling where should I hook the cables to lift it straight up? I was thinking of soft straps around the triple tree and maybe something on the back axle. I have a 2011 Harley Blackline if that helps.

What power would be required if the escalator has to carry twice the number of people?

An office complex needs an escalator that can carry people, at a constant speed of 0.6 m/s at 35o slope. Calculate the maximum number of persons, each weighing 80 kg, if the maximum power input to the elevator is 10.8 kW. What power would be required if the escalator has to carry twice the number of people?

What would cause the power to kick off after about two seconds on my computer tower?

I’ve got a Compaq desktop computer, when I turn it on (the power button on the tower) the green light comes on, the fan starts up, then it cuts off. Could it be a problem in the “Motherboard”? I replaced the power supply because there was no power at all, now the power comes on for about two seconds. Any ideas?

What materials would you need to power your house with a power inverter?

Using a 10,000 Watt power inverter and a few car batteries. What else would I need to power my house off of a power inverter? We have a big house and a lot of stuff to power. So i’m guessing we would use maybe 10-12 (12V deep-cycle) car batteries. And would this actually work?