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What do you call the cables on the power supply on a computer?

What do you call the cables coming from the power supply on a computer that powers the hard drives, Cd Drives and so on?

I feel really stupid because I simply cannot think of the name.

How do you tell if your power supply is powerful enough?

I am wondering if there is any way to know how powerful your power supply needs to be to power your motherboard and everything on it. Also my power supply says something like 115v/200something, which one counts? Thanks for any insight.

How much electrical power do I need total to supply?

We have 15 laptops with 15 power supplies. Each laptop needs 240 watts. Each power supply requires 100 watts. How much power do I need total to supply? What is the maximum rating or amperage should my power source to meet safety standards?

What is the best power supply for a Nvidia 9800gtx?

My current power is 400w on my gateway lx6200, I know that nvidia claims thats enough but I want a little more power.

How does a 300watt power supply power a 400watt minimum video card?

I have a 300watt LiteOn power supply. Model PS-6301-08A. I’m currently using an Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT 512MB. The minimum requirement to run this card is 400 watts. I’ve been using this card for more than a year and had no problems. I was just wondering how my power supply manages that. And if i upgrade to another video card with the same requirements, will it be able to power it?

What is the best emergency power supply that can be connected to an existing sump pump?

I have two sump pump pits each with their own pump, but no power supply other than AC. What’s the best alternative power supply in the event of a power failure?

My question regarding uninterrupted DC power supply to cordless phones and such gadgets is unanswered?

UPS provides power backup for a short period of few minutes only.We want DC power backup for max/entire duration of power failure.Any More Inputs?

Converting Computer ATX Power Supply to Lab Bench Power Supply

READ THIS FIRST: Small tutorial on Computer ATX Power Supplies. How to use them, how to connect them in series, in parallel. What is 12V rails? Is it possibl…

Circuit Skills: Power Supply

The requisite starting point for anything electronic – you won’t get much blinking, buzzing, or processing done without a power supply!

What power supply does my Acer m5640 need to use a Geforce 9400GT Graphics Card? I dont think the power supply?

I dont think the power supply it comes with originally is strong enough. I put the Geforce 9400 gt and everything runs smoothly except the card gets really hot… Thought it would be better to be safe then sorry.