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Pro Shot Industrial Re-Newing Floor Restorer, 32-Ounces

  • Fills scratches and rejuvenates dull spots
  • Seals and dries to a clear brilliant finish
  • Lasts for months
  • Perfect for all old and new floors
  • Exceptional results

Product Description
Pro Shot Floor Restorer fills scratches so they are unnoticeable;rejuvenates dull spots in your floors by giving these areas the same shine as the rest of your restored floor. Underwriters Laboratory;Inc (UL) listed as to slip resistance. Pro Shot also protects from detergents;black heel marks;spills;and contains no wax so there is no yellowing or wax buildup. Pro Shot will also seal your floor and protect it with a clear brilliant finishthat last for months at a time-what a time and money saver. Works on sealed wood;laminates;vinyl;no-wax;linoleum;bamboo;slate;flagstone;ceramic tile;and more. Consumers will delight in the ease of Pro Shots one coat application;only a sponge mop is needed to apply. Originally u… More >>

Pro Shot Industrial Re-Newing Floor Restorer, 32-Ounces

Epic MW3 Crane Shot | By ReactionzDesigns

This is by far my best trickshot ive ever done. I could not believe it when it hit it. If you thought the trickshot was completely epic then please leave a like and favorite it if you really loved it. Sending to www.youtube.com Sub to Scro_Mitch for recording it. www.youtube.com


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OMG! M21 EBR Crane Shot!

LEAVE A LIKE OR FAVE!! :O Sent In By: www.youtube.com -mussa

Double Stutter Claymore Cancel Crane Shot

Guys leave a liKe for this amazing looking COD Clip :P i couldnt hit that no lie o.0 Player: www.youtube.com If YOU HAVE INSANE HITMARKERS LIKE THESE SEND THEM IN To Us IF YOU WANT IT UPLOADED ON THIS CHANNEL! “hitmarkeroftheday” “mw3 hitmarker” “best killcam” “clips” “mw2 trickshot” “knife hitmarker” “knife” “wtf” “oce” “montage” “editing” “insane gwk” “edits” “spawnshot” “BestEditsOfTheDay” “mw2″

Sexy Crane Shot @ Highrise!!

Another one of these dirty crane shots! :D Sent in by: www.youtube.com

Sick Overwatch Suicide Shot NOT from Crane!

NEW BLACKBOX SHOT – www.youtube.com INSANE HIT LIKE BUTTON ! PLAYER – www.youtube.com

Most AMAZING crane shot!

Most crane shots I see are set up or the guy is right in front of him, but not this one. Please drop a like and/or comment if you thought that was a sick clip! Or if it was just insanely lucky =] Haven’t been on as much due to the new layout, hopefully they will update certain features so I can upload more. Player’s Channel: www.youtube.com Follow Meh pl0x: twitter.com Are you an underrated gamer, commentator, or editor? I might be able to help! Follow the steps listed in my branding box if you’d like to be sponsored. This will allow you to send in as many videos as you want — but remember only the best will be uploaded.

Sick Crane Shot | Aqua Forty!

A nosc finally hit! My first ever crane shot ;) my nosc finally hit xD Back on this channel aswell coz i got machinima partner on it :) FORTYFIED 14 will be out soon but i need an editor :/

Touch of Evil Opening Shot

The famous crane shot from Orson Welles’ 1958 film, ‘Touch of Evil.’