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How i find the power of a power inverter?

I have a power inverter with 500V DC input connected to a 220V AC line. How i find the power of the inverter?
Say that the output current is X amps.

Find the degrees a drum must rotate to lift a box 1 foot if the diameter of the pulley on the hoist is 8 inche?

An electric hoist is used to lift a box using a pulley. The diameter of the pulley is 8 in and the box must be raised 1 foot. find the number of degrees through which the drum must rotate to lift the item 1 foot.

Can anyone find information on a Natalie Crane?

I’m looking for information on a Natalie Crane who may have died in Mississippi or the New Orleans area in the late 1940′s.

where can I find the sketch of an automotive crane?

Hi friends
I need some sketches of automotive crane?
In which site or web log I can find it?

How to find a fine place to order a cable hoist?

The previous year I purchased a hoist in a good shop online but now that website is out of work. So I’m looking for a good shop online with that sort of stuff?
So thanks for your help!

How can you find industrial ratios for variety discount stores?

I have to do a financial analysis on Dollar General (DG) and I need to compare the industrial ratio’s to the DG ratios. I know how to get the company ratio’s but dont know where to get the industrial ratio’s or the data to figure them out. Thanks very much in advance.

Where can I find Crane Airmail stationary?

I understand Crane is no longer manufacturing airmail stationary, but there may be a few stores that have some left over in stock. Has anyone seen any in stores and if so which one? I have tried internet searches too. Thanks, and happy holidays.

Where can I find a siren that I can mount on a crane to use in emergencies?

I have a jobsite that encompasses a few acres. We have a tower crane that is about 140 feet above the site. I want to purchase an alarm or siren that will be loud enough to alert the entire site in the event of an emergency.

How can I find out how much my engine hoist is worth?

I moved into a new home last week and found an engine hoist in the garage. I also found around 200 vinyl records. How can I find out how much they are worth?

A buddy came over and checked it out. He said it works just fine. It’s not beat up. And it’s very big.