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what is the best way to ensnare a whooping crane for research purposes?

we are completely for the whooping crane. never in a million years would we want to hurt or endanger one. we would just like to know the safest way to ensnare a whooping crane. we are going to fully research what their favorite foods are, their habitat, and ways to prevent them from being extinct.

What is the purpose of the crane at the top of the Circa Center in Philadelphia?

The crane juts from a hole in the roof of the completed building. At times it appears that it is being used for window washers.

The Decemberists – Crane Wife 1 and 2

C Crane CCRadio-SW

  • AM, FM, and shortwave radio
  • RF Gain Control, Bandwidth Control, Bass and Treble Controls
  • Clock radio with snooze alarm
  • 50 radio presets (10 per band)
  • Built-in charging circuit will recharge optional NiMh batteries right inside the radio, saving you both time and money

Product Description
This phenomenal radio offers the best combination of sensitivity, selectivity and audio performance ever for any radio of this price and size. Shortwave is excellent right off the whip antenna. The five-inch speaker is accurate, pleasant and reproduces deeper bass than any portable of similar size. This radio also features RF gain control, bandwidth control, bass and treble controls, fast and slow tuning, 50 station memories, lighted buttons, a clock radio with snooze alarm, stereo line output and a headphone jack. It runs on four D-size batteries or four backup AA batteries (not included). The built-in charging circuit will recharge optional NiMh batteries right inside the radio, saving you both time and money… More >>

C Crane CCRadio-SW

Crane Operator Silent About Lake Mary Accident

Crane Operator Silent About Lake Mary Accident
The company that owns and operates a crane that toppled in Lake Mary has refused to respond to questions.

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Crane season volunteer training set for Sat., Tues.

Crane season volunteer training set for Sat., Tues.
WOOD RIVER — The Nebraska Nature & Visitor Center south of the Alda Interstate 80 interchange will have volunteer training sessions Saturday and Tuesday.

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Heron and Crane

Yuri Norstein, 1974

Lego Technic Crane Truck 8258

Product Description
When you need to move the biggest and heaviest loads, it’s time to call on the mighty crane truck! This massive, realistic vehicle includes a Power Functions control box that you can use to unfold, raise and lower its powerful, motorized crane arm, and to extend the outriggers to stabilize your cargo. Includes instructions for rebuilding into a Duty Wrecker!

An exciting and challenging building experience with this 2-in-1 real world model!
Try the functionalities with the included Power Functions XL Motor, Power Functions Battery box, and Power Functions Control Switch!
Power Functions powers the crane arm and extendable outriggers!
Crane unfolds , raises and lowers and swivels 360°!
Cab open… More >>

Lego Technic Crane Truck 8258

How can I build a homemade crane?

I would really appreciate if somebody gave me some links or some useful information on how to build a homemade crane (like the ones they use on films). 10 points to those with good ideas or links! Thank for your help all.

How do I make an oragami crane, the easy way?

I’ve been trying for so long to make an oragami crane but I always find sites that make it so hard for me to make one. The highest step I got up to is called 14 or something. Please someone help me figure this out! I’ve been trying to learn for the longest time!