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Turning an origami crane into a hydralisk

This is my first youtube video so don’t be surprised about the quality. If any of you out there are starcraft fans then you may have seen the starcraft origami on Flikr or Digg. I’m not that guy, but I did design a hydralisk model. This model isn’t the best out there but it’s decent and can be made by converting the classic crane. I don’t know how to make instructions but you could probably figure it out from the video. Comment if you want me to make another video making the hydralisk from scratch (a square piece of paper of any size and almost any quality, I made this one out of scrap paper) and explaining it. BTW, I gave an example of this to those Penny-Arcade guys during Comic-Con. I also gave one to the Blizzard booth. They all said that I should make instructions but I think this way is better.

How do you go to the bathroom on a tower crane?

I can see peeing outside the cab but what happens if you get diareaha or have IBS while up in the cab of a tower crane?

What simple macines are found in a crane?

For a project I have to label where simple machines are on a crane, it’s due tomorrow so I need to know which simple machines are on a crane and where.
3 people have submitted answers already. None of which are useful. Simple machines are lever, pulley, wedge , screw, inclined plane, and a wheel & axle. not engines and stuff that smart people Understand. I need to know which of the 6 simple machines are on a crane, and WHERE THEY ARE LOCATED!

What is the email address for the cartoonist Brian Crane?

I wanted the email address for the cartoonist Pickles by Brian Crane to find that golfing humor comic strip that ran in the newspapers. Maybe this would help. “How many strokes do you think? Two – one big drive and a short putt. Now killed the golf ball. Then said Now one heck of a putt!” I am still trying to find that comic strip but anyone has the email address, please let me know asap. Thanks!

How can we humanely get rid of a crane that keeps visiting our pond?

We used to have several koi and minnows and they are slowly disappearing. We’re certain the culprit is this beautiful crane. Normally I would welcome the visitor, but not to eat our fish friends. Help!!

How to check KATO crane with serial number?

I would like to buy KATO crane and I have its serial number. I wonder how I can check with serial number if the crane is Originally Made in Japan! Which site should I go for checking? It will be great help if you answer my question.

What were the stock and custom colors available for Crane bathroom sinks and toilets in 1952?

I’m wondering what colors were available in 1952 for the Crane Drexel toilet and the Crane Diane console bathroom sink. I’ve got them both in what appears to be halfway inbetween ice grey and sky blue…
I know that these are some Crane colors, but I’m not sure what the vintage is on them. Also, I called Crane and they’re not able to answer my question. Almond Nut, Autumn Beige, Avocado, Aztec Gold, Black, Blush, Bone/Cameo, Buttercup Yellow, Carnation Pink, Pale Jade, Peach Blossom, Platinum Grey, Powder Blue, Sahara Sand, Sea foam Green, Shell Pink, Sky Blue, Sun Tan, Teakwood, Tender Grey, Wild Rose

How do i start a Claw Crane business?

after all the videos and see prices only like a dime or 2 or sell cell phones like the claw never get!
i buying 5 difference Crane Machines, the one you never win prices and make l make a lot of money at where? Where to place i can rip everyone off most of the time?

Scenic Art Lesson – Mad Bomber Crane

A video which demonstrate how I use shellac and acrylic paints to create a realistic look to models and miniatures. It’s fast and simple to employ. Web Links: en.wikipedia.org www.shellac.net en.wikipedia.org en.wikipedia.org plasticmodelairplanes.blogspot.com

Tower Crane Raising Process

Hammerhead tower crane tower section raising procedure at 222 South Main building construction site in Salt Lake City, Utah, October 1, 2008. Peiner TC351 Hammerhead Tower Crane owned by Bigge Crane and Rigging Co.