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Camera Crane / Jib for $30

www.thefrugalfilmmaker.com A camera crane (or jib) can give you some amazing shots, but tend to be pretty expensive. This version will give you the same functionality and is portable, too! All you need is $30 and your own tripod to get started. PARTS LIST 1- 10′ length of chain link…

World’s Biggest Crane TAISUN assembles drilling rig

TAISUN, the largest, strongest crane in the world and dual heavy lift world record holder is seen here installing the 12000 metric ton deck box of Schahin’s semi-submersible drilling unit “SS Amazonia”. This video was taken during March 2010 in Yantai, China at Yantai Raffles Shipyard. For more information, please visit www.20000ton.com or watch some of our other videos.

What controls are needed for the ‘average’ tower crane?

I am doing uni coursework to design an ergonomic layout for an operator cab for a tower crane and so I need to list the required operator controls.


where can I find the sketch of an automotive crane?

Hi friends
I need some sketches of automotive crane?
In which site or web log I can find it?

Australias Got Talent 2011 Episode 3 – Thomas Crane ‘Freddie Mercury’

In the legend of sleepy hollow how is Ichabod Crane developed by the author?

I read the Legend of Sleepy Hollow however i am confused on how he developed the character Ichabod Crane…Can someone please help me clarify this…Please

Can anybody explain how they assemble a tower crane. How long does it take? How?

do they get the concrete blocks up that hang at the end? Do they use another type of crane to assemble them?

How did Clarence Crane decide on the title for Lifesavers?

Clarence Crane invented Lifesavers, but how did he decide on the name?

Crane setup at Mirabella – South Waterfront

Over the course of a day, they set up this crane next door to our condo. This is the view from the 17th floor and I sped up the video to 3.5x to make it a little more interesting.


News story on “SCANDIA SCREAMER & CRANE COLLAPSE” Note, CRANE made SCANDIA SCREAMER to COLLAPSE & end both COLLAPSE! News copy from; KCRA 3 HD “NIGHT TEAM*” 08/30/2011 11:00PM SCI FI add {no sound} KCRA 3 HD “Report at 6AM**” 08/31/2011 06:00AM SCI FI add {no sound} KCRA 3 HD “Report at 6PM***” 08/31/2011 06:00PM SCI FI add {no sound} (END VIDEO) ________________________________________ Talking in these videos is; *Gulstan Dart & Edie Lambert **Deirdre Fitzpatick & Mike Teselle **Teo Torres at {SCANDIA} ***Deirdre Fitzpatick & Mike Teselle ***Tom Duhain at {SCANDIA} For more info go to www.kcra.com © To NBC KCRA 03 News