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Sexy Crane Shot @ Highrise!!

Another one of these dirty crane shots! :D Sent in by: www.youtube.com



Sugarcreek Ohio 500000 Lb Crane Falls Over SR643

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Guiding the Crane and Observing Crane Operations

Though the ROV only weighs 30 pounds, we have the ability to give the crane operator the appropriate directions to position their load into position.

Worlds Cleanest Triple Backflip – Eddie Crane (Floor)

Sorry for the low quality * Subscribe for more awesome videos! Eddie Crane performing the cleanest triple back flip/back tuck on floor the world has probably ever seen. Music: Malevolence – Something Strange

Sick Overwatch Suicide Shot NOT from Crane!

NEW BLACKBOX SHOT – www.youtube.com INSANE HIT LIKE BUTTON ! PLAYER – www.youtube.com

crane move fantastic.wmv

62 Mitsubishi 2.4-megawatt wind turbines at this 148.8-megawatt wind power facility located near Jackson in southwestern Minnesota. Elm Creek II will become operational by December 2010. www.millwrightweebly.com

Crane Straps Break During Lift

Common Crane Accident. The Mobile Crane’s Straps Break During Lift which appears to be due to Overloading, though may also be due to worn straps or insecurely strapping the load.

Half-Life 2 Synergy w/Nova, Kootra & Ze Ep.15: Devil Crane FROM HELL

Leave a like to show some love :) www.youtube.com We’ve been planning on doing Half-Life for awhile now so since we’ve held off for so long we finally decided to pull the trigger and go through it. Synergy lets us play co-op so we have all the more funsies Ze: www.youtube.com Kootra: www.youtube.com Fan Mah Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow Mah Twitter: twitter.com Shirts: www.redbubble.com

Most AMAZING crane shot!

Most crane shots I see are set up or the guy is right in front of him, but not this one. Please drop a like and/or comment if you thought that was a sick clip! Or if it was just insanely lucky =] Haven’t been on as much due to the new layout, hopefully they will update certain features so I can upload more. Player’s Channel: www.youtube.com Follow Meh pl0x: twitter.com Are you an underrated gamer, commentator, or editor? I might be able to help! Follow the steps listed in my branding box if you’d like to be sponsored. This will allow you to send in as many videos as you want — but remember only the best will be uploaded.