Power ?

What is power in physical science terms?
And how is power and work related?

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  1. Jim  on October 13th, 2010

    Power is the {time} rate of doing work.

    In other words, power is how fast a certain amount of work is done.

    For instance suppose a 55 lb sack of sand is lifted vertically 10 ft with a rope & pulley system.
    The amount of work done is (10 ft x 55 lb) or 550 ft-lbs of work.
    The TIME it takes to do this work represents the POWER.

    The faster the same amount of work is done, the higher the POWER.
    If it takes someone 10 sec to lift the sack in example above then the power = 550/10 = 55 ft-lb/sec
    If it takes someone else 2 sec to lift the sack then the power = 550/2 = 275 ft-lb/sec


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