10 Seconds of: Crane

This is a crane. It can’t fly.

Bob Crane and John Banner on Lesie Uggams Show

Bob Crane plays drums and John Banner does a cute segment with Leslie on the Leslie Uggams Show 1967,

When is the crane fly season over? I am really really scared of them?

I swear I’m a giant crane fly magnet and whenever there are crane flies within a mile of me they’ll find me and chase me, and I’m dead terrified of them. I noticed that there are more and more of them since the beginning of April. Does it have anything to do with the rain? When will they go away?

How much power does the lowest power refrigerator use?

How much power does the lowest power refrigerator use? I want one that’s small, lightweight, cheap, and quiet. It only needs to be big enough to keep a few small snacks or drinks cold.

How do I hoist up the rear of my Honda Hornet?

I need to replace the rear shock and some other parts and so can’t use the rear paddock stand. Does anyone know the proper way to hoist up the rear end? I was contemplating about putting a few straps throught the rear grab rail and lifting it that way?
Proper answers please!

Industrial Silence

Industrial Silence

How do you make an origami crane?

I have learned how to make crane but I just can’t! I’ve watched about 6-7 videos for it and i still don’t get it!

camera crane makes your youtube video better

This video shows how easy it is the shoot with a Euro Camera Crane. You can built it in minutes without any tool. Wenn its ready it goes up till 4 meter. This crane is coming from EuroCameraCranes in Amsterdam Holland. Whenn you shoot, you see the result directly on included monitor and you can move your camera with the remotecamera-control. With this cheap crane you make better and smooth Youtube video.s and that will give your Youtube movie better rates and more views. Crane solo 710 euro. Crane + tripod 810 euro. Craneset including tripod,monitor,cameraremotecontrol,carryingbag and all cables 1299 euro. All information at www.eurocameracranes.com the largest craneshop in Europe. You can buy already a cran from 299 euro.

The engine that powers a crane burns fuel at a flame temperature of 2000 deg Celsius?

It is cooled by 20 deg Celsius air. The crane lifts a 2000 kg steel girder 30 m upward. How much heat energy is transferred to the engine by burning fuel if the engine is 40% as efficient as a Carnot engine?

The Greatest

The Greatest