The Crane Machine – Vancouver Film School (VFS)

Created by Vancouver Film School student Leonardo Cubeddu through the VFS 3D Animation & Visual Effects program.

Combichrist – Sex Drugs and Industrial

Combichrist – Sex Drugs and Industrial THX 4 ALL FOR WATCHING MY VID!

How to Make an Origami Flapping Bird

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to make an Origami Flapping Bird (really flaps!) using a regular sheet of printer paper. If you have any origami or square paper, that would be ideal to use. Making the Origami Flapping Bird is very similar to making the Origami Crane, yet with fewer folds. We must know how to make the Origami Bird Base, from which we can then make the flapping bird. I teach how to make the Bird Base step by step in this tutorial, but if you already know how to make it, you may fast forward to around 5:30. If you already know how to make the Bird Base, you may fast forward to around 5:30 to learn how to convert the bird base into a flapping bird. To make the bird flap, you hold the neck and pull on the tail. As always, please comment, rate and subscribe for notification of my future videos. Post any questions in the comment section and also let me know what else you would like to learn. Thanks for watching! -Rob

Crane Crashes.

Crane Crashes. world’s most amazing crane crashes.

Al Bano Carrisi & Romina Power – Felicita ( New Version )

Al Bano Carrisi & Romina Power – Felicita ( New Version )

LEGO City Crawler Construction Crane (7632) Available at Toys ‘R Us No task is too big for this gigantic crawler crane! With its rugged tracks and massive rotating boom, this crane can go just about anywhere and can lift just about anything! Total height: 47 cm. Set Contains 481 Pieces.

Industrial Revolution Third Edition

Industrial Revolution Third Edition

Camera Crane Jib Review, Pro Am DVC 250 @

My Review of the Pro Am DVC 250. Easy to set up, tear down and operate. Close ups of the build quality, example footage and some light mods. I’m thoroughly impressed with this set up and would recommend it to anyone looking for that impressive shot. The folks and BC Media are fantastic. They answered all of my questions and really helped me get started. Check them out for prices and other options.

VITAS-2006MV-The Crane’s Cry-English

Cry with the wedge of crane :I love you!

The Secret: The Power

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The Secret: The Power