Industrial Piercing

He’s cute. End of story. Hahaha. When he first pierced my ear, I literally didn’t even feel it and when he said “not bad, huh?” I sarcastically said “yea” because I thought he didn’t even do it yet. I felt close to nothing? I don’t even remember any pain or feeling it. The only pain I felt was when he put the jewelery in but it was only a slight tug and it BARELY hurt. Pain is different for everyone, but for me it didn’t hurt at all. And I’m a small tiny asian girl so.. I’m surprised I didn’t scream like a bitch or pussy haha! I’ve seen many videos of people getting theirs done and they’re screaming, cussing, and making painful faces so I expected me to be the same, but not even close. And yes, I am very aware that my laugh and voice is quite annoying. And that I say “oh my gosh” like ten million times at one point when they were messing with me. But oh well! :D Anyways, I have no regrets getting the piercing done and I love it! Next piercing is the tragus! (:

Sick Crane Shot | Aqua Forty!

A nosc finally hit! My first ever crane shot ;) my nosc finally hit xD Back on this channel aswell coz i got machinima partner on it :) FORTYFIED 14 will be out soon but i need an editor :/

Coles crane hydra 25 28T 6×4 1979

Coles Hydra 6×4 25 ton 1979 crane going throuh it paces. Thanks to nitruckd for the origional vidio. (edited and shorter version) See full details of this crane on the Coles Crane History website.

Truck Driver Forgot About Crane

Expensive mistake.

ManOwaR – Kill With Power (HD)

Click “watch in HD” to witness all the glory… ManOwaR Live (EarthShaker 2005) Die, die, die…

what is the easiest way to lift a engine with out a engine hoist??

Hey I have a engine on a trailer and I need to lift it off. Well the problem is I do not have a engine hoist. So what is the best way to get it off without one?
it has everything on it even a tranny.

Infected Industrial Piercing

*****IMPORTANT****** Song: “&Down” by Boys Noize -As of September 1st, 2011, i have disabled comments due to the horrific nature of some of them. I do not deserve to be left a comment saying you wish I would have died, or how ugly i am… when all i am trying to do is give advice and help people. If you have a legitimate question or concern, please private message me and I will be glad to help anyone in need……….. the notes at the end of the video explain a lot of things, take a look! (3:20 mark) *most importantly* The doctors clearly stated that the PIERCER injected the bacteria. There was nothing I could have done to prevent it or clean it. It would have spread to my brain and killed me (a very potent strand of bacteria) whether I had left the bar in or taken it out. LUCKILY i took the bar out (thus the huge bubble formed), otherwise I wouldn’t have even gone to the hospital, thinking it was just “normal piercing swelling and pain”… then it would have spread to my brain “silently” and killed me with NO warning sign. you shouldnt ever take jewelry out of a healing piercing, but in my case, I was very lucky i did, otherwise i would be dead right now. -yes, i cleaned it, twice a day with hot water sea salt soaks (about 10 minutes each) and once in the shower with an antimicrobial soap purchased from the piercer (brand: Satin) -i never used alcohol or any other harsh chemical type to clean it with- thats a no no – quote from the doctors and plastic surgeons from the

Heli-Logging Timber Harvesting with Helicopter – Erickson Air Crane

Erickson Air Crane – Timber Harvesting – Heli Logging. Value By The Bundle – Timber Harvesting. Font: Font Erickson Air Crane

Enns Austria Kranunfall Crane Accident

Ein Autokran ist umgekippt a car crane is overturned

Twin 40Ft Container Handling Gantry Crane

Production of ZPMC