Abuse of Power

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Abuse of PowerMichael Savage  Former war correspondent Jack Hatfield rose to national prominence for his insightful, provocative commentary. But after being smeared as a bigot and extremist by a radical leftist media-watchdog group, his career came crashing down. Now an obscure freelance news producer in San Francisco, Hatfield is going about his business one afternoon when, during a ride-along with the SFPD bomb squad, a seemingly routine carjacking turns deadly. When police find several pounds of military-grade explosives in the jacked car—and the FBI urges Hatfield to look the other way—he knows he’s onto his next, big story…Soon Hatfield finds himself following a shadowy trail that wi… More >>

Abuse of Power

Motorhead,Doro & Whitfield Crane – Born To Raise Hell (Live)

Torin T32002 Engine Hoist with Load Leveler – 2 Ton

  • Lifting range: 1 inch-78.75 inch
  • 6 wheels for added mobility
  • 1500 pounds capacity engine leveler
  • 4 hole position boom
  • Heavy duty 8 ton long ram

Product Description
This heavy duty folding engine hoist has a lifting range from 1 inch to 78.75 inch. This features a 4 hole position boom, heavy duty 8 ton long ram, 6 wheels for added mobility and a foldable design for easy storage. Includes a 1500 pounds capacity engine leveler…. More >>

Torin T32002 Engine Hoist with Load Leveler – 2 Ton

Industrial Craft – Minecraft – Jetpack and Chainsaw

I need 50 LIKES on this video to do the experimental nanosuit next episode!!! I find out how to make a Jetpack, but not really use it. I also make a chainsaw. Rate, Comment, and Subscribe


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LEGO Crane system

The crane system was made for the 1st semester project on the IT-engineer education at Vitus Bering University College. Though the video has been edited “for dramatic effect” and wasn’t done in one take, the system is able do it all in one take. The programming languge is JAVA (Lejos). Programming and building: Weighing machine: Christian Klintemark Mark Urup Thomas S. Sørensen Fork-lift: Anders Andersen Ky duy Pham Salar Saroneh Crane: Daniel Müller Thygesen Jakob Christensen Rasmus Bjerner Truck: Brian Vigh Henrik Skjøth Martin Nordestgaard The video was edited by Sune Fogtmann.

A Very Good Man

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Book three of the Dead End series is here! To celebrate this fact, book one in the series is being temporarily reduced in price.

Get your copy today, because no one should be denied entry into a world so filled with interesting things.

Also in this popular series:

Book one: Dead End: A Very Good Man
Book two: Dead End: A Very Good Neighbor
Book three: Dead End: A Very Good Thing
And coming in 2012
Book four: Dead End: A Very Dark Place

About this book:

At the end of the world Jake struggles to keep the people close to him, a group of strangers, alive. It isn’t as easy as it sounds, since most of them are more than a bit stuck in the old … More >>

A Very Good Man

Construction of world’s largest crane TAISUN

For more information visit www.20000ton.com or watch our channel here: www.youtube.com Description: Construction of the biggest and strongest crane in the world, TAISUN. Designed and built by Yantai Raffles Shipyard and located in Yantai, Northern China. The crane marks a new era in offshore construction by allowing offshore vessels to be built in two halves that both can be built on the ground. Building vessels such as semisubmersibles or FPSO in two parts on the ground brings massive improvements in safety, quality, manpower efficiency and also overall project duration, but requires a crane bigger than the world has ever seen, and this video shows just exactly how that crane was built. The crane has won several awards, including the ASME Woelfel Best Mechnical Engineering Award, the OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award and a Guinness World Record for lifting the heaviest weight ever by a crane. 由烟台来福士海洋工程公司设计和建造的世界上最大、起重量最重的吊机――泰山坐落于烟台,一个中国北部的城市。 该吊机的投入使用揭开了海洋工程平台建造的新纪元――海洋工程船舶可以分为2部分在陆上建造。在陆地上分段建造半潜式钻井平台或者浮式生产储油轮,可以带来在安全、质量、人力资源和项目周期方面的巨大的改进,但却需要一台世界上从未有过的巨型吊机。这段视频展示的就是这样一台吊机的制造过程。 迄今为止,泰山吊机已经获得诸多奖项,包括美国机械工程师协会年度最佳设计奖,美国OTC新技术光明奖,和单台吊机起重量最大的吉尼斯世界记录。 了解更多信息请访问www.yantai-raffles.com

wumpscut – war

war by wumpscut its a fan vid please boycot the other video as he has stolen it this was never supposed to be viewed in that form and makes me a very sad man lol

OMG! M21 EBR Crane Shot!

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