Willamalane on KEZI 9 News – Big Crane

By Jeff Skrzypek, KEZI-TV SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The saying goes, if you can’t get around something, go over it. And that’s exactly what construction workers at Willamalane were forced to do Monday, Aug. 8, when installing a huge air blower system. Crews at Willamalane’s nearly remodeled adult center brought in the big crane Monday morning, hoisting a giant near 7000 pound air handler over the building. Project managers say because of the area’s geography and the buildings position, using a crane was the only way to bring in the massive air unit. Willamalane says while it was quite the show seeing the crane in action, it’s what the air handler unit will do for the building that’s truly exciting. “We’re looking at a lot of money savings, better air handling capabilities for the people, so yeah it’ll be quite an improvement,” said Jake Risley, Willamalane Park and Recreation. Willamalane say renovation for the adult center is ahead of schedule and should be re-opened in September.

What and how re: roofing hoist for HVAC?

What mechanisms are used to hoist a HVAC unit on a roof? How do they work? Where can you purchase them? Is it really true you can make your own?
There have been times when this was possible but my interest is in a simple way to do it myself. I guess if there were such a way, you’d be doing it yourself. Does anyone in the industry use anything besides a crane?

2#Place – DasKlub Contest 2011 – Next Generation Society [NGS] Industrial Dance

Follow us on Facebook : www.facebook.com This is our video for the DasKlub video contest. We hope you like it =) Song: Syndrom x/209 – Optix Noir [Beta preview] Dancer: NGS Co-Leader // Kitty NGS // Cykid NGS Leader // Hate Hunter

Tamiya Scania with Palfinger crane

Modified Tamiya Scania, and self made hydraulic crane, with Leimbach hydraulics.

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Crane Drop

Crane Drop Saturday 7th Janurary 2012

Lego Mindstorms NXT 8527 Crane

This is a simple crane made using only the 8527 Lego Mindstorms set (except the container). It consists of only two motors and is reasonably easy to make. It has a turn table so it can turn roughly 100 degrees but not 360 because the motor is in the way. It can hold up to roughly 2kg, it could carry more but the turn table motor hasn’t got the power to turn the weight around. Due to only three functions able to run on a NXT one made it go up so many rotations, one made it go down the same amount of rotations and the other turned is round 0.125 of a rotation every time you pushed the orange button. It is possible to make a crane that had a claw that opened and shut but my prototype couldn’t hold that much weight and you couldn’t have the turn table working because you needed more functions. I am slightly running out of ideas at the moment so please do send comments in for ideas of what to make, and who knows, Icould be making your design! Please rate, comment and subscribe!

Industrial Craft – Industrial Craft 2 – Random Scrap Box of the Day… We Meet Again

Industrial Craft can be found here: www.industrial-craft.net How to install IC2 www.youtube.com I will not add any more mods, including buildcraft, technic pack, or really any other mods than what I have now. This is a show for Industrial Craft, not for a bunch of mods. If people keep asking me to put these mods in, you will be blocked, so here is your fair warning, because I would hate to do that! Facebook fans get more (action) than you :) (and I like to chat with my facebook fans!) www.facebook.com Follow me on twitter (also a higher chance of talking to me)! www.twitter.com In this series of Industrial Craft 2, I will be covering everything from the basics to as far as I can get into depth. There are a lot of new items in this mod, and it’s crazy. So help me out if I skip anything! Every 5 episodes there will be a download of my map! Thanks for watching, and more importantly if you actually read this description let me know by saying “you’re too cool to read the description”

Hybrid Air Crane – Electric Helicopter & Dual Solar Blimp Structure – UAV or Rec

HybridAirCrane.com – Why reinvent the wheel? Blimps+Any Helicopter+Hybrid Structure= Success! – From Helistat Problem to Solar Hybrid Air Crane – youtu.be – - UAV , Reconnaissance, Hybrid Air Crane, Geo Surveying / Mapping Applications – Solar Hybrid Air Crane – For Full Scale Versions, Partnerships or information: info@hybridaircrane.com – US Patent pending

Epic MW3 Crane Shot | By ReactionzDesigns

This is by far my best trickshot ive ever done. I could not believe it when it hit it. If you thought the trickshot was completely epic then please leave a like and favorite it if you really loved it. Sending to www.youtube.com Sub to Scro_Mitch for recording it. www.youtube.com