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My kind of music. A mix from my favourite artists and their videoclips… Song: Clan of Xymox – Something wrong I try to write the list of the bands in the order of appearance (some bands are many times there, but I’ll write the name only once): Bauhaus, Die Form (3 different clips, and much more later), Marilyn Manson (also later), Malice Mizer, Tori Amos, NIN, Bonanza Banzai (hungarian),David Bowie, Delerium, Shakespeare’s Sister, Depeche Mode, The White Stripes, Siouxie And The Banshees, Front Line Assembly, Eurythmics, Placebo, Blutengel, Tears For Fears, Billy Idol, Laibach, Desireless, Soft Cell, Rammstein, The Cure, Culture Beat, Nick Cave & Kylie Minouge, A-ha, Prodigy, Kraftwerk, Cyndi Lauper, Deine Lakaien, Das Ich, Natural Born Killers Soundtrack by NIN.

Lego Technic 8258 Crane Truck.

Una nuova generazione del Lego Technic ha fatto la sua comparsa. Un veicolo motorizzato… Camion con Gru e rimorchio a motore. Un fututo appena iniziato…. ( number 8258# crane truck ) Seguono informazioni in lingua italiano e inglese… -Italiano: -Questo massiccio, camion gru realistico è chiamato a dovere quando la più grande e più pesanti elementi devono essere trasferiti in luogo! Utilizzare il controllo Power Funzioni casella sul lato del camion a svolgersi, alzare e abbassare il braccio della gru motorizzata e di estendere il stabilizzatori per stabilizzare il carico. Ricostruisce in un Wrecker Duty. -English -This massive, realistic crane truck is called to duty when the biggest and heaviest elements need to be moved into place! Use the Power Functions control box on the side of the truck to unfold, raise and lower the motorized crane arm and to extend the outriggers to stabilize the load. Rebuilds into a Duty Wrecker.

Overhead Cranes Bridge cranes

Overhead Cranes Bridge cranes Demag Cranes & Components Corp. 29201 Aurora Road Solon Ohio 44129 1-800-756-8221

Celine Dion The Power Of Love Lyrics

A friend asked me to made her a vid and this was 1

The Crane

Assembling process of a Liebherr crane in the inner courtyard of a building. Montage d’une grue Liebherr dans la cour intérieure d’un bâtiment.

Industrial Craft – Minecraft – I’m back! for now…

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Hydraulic Truck Crane:大型クレーン車分割解体

大型油圧式クレーンを三分割してそれぞれを大型のトラックに載せて運び出します。解体には別に二台のクレーン車に手伝ってもらいます。微速度撮影で30倍の速度になっています。japanese heavy industrial machine

Scania P420 Kuipers Heavy Transport Crane Delivery(part1)

Scania 5 axle delivers a Hitachi 200 crane on a forrest road in Putte,Holland

How did the power of the King increase at the same time the towns increased during the Commercial Revolution?

I know that during the late middle ages, the towns broke free and started governing themselves. At the same time, the power of the King increased.

How did both the power of the towns and the power of the King increase at the same time?

The Best of the Cranes – Part 1 (tv clips)

Just a collection of my favorite clips from the television show Frasier. Not a music video. Various seasons included. Enjoy!