How do they get cranes to the top of new buildings?

New buildings start – cranes is on bottom floor – two weeks later 5 floors are finished and crane is still on top – HOW DO THEY DO THAT ?

How much does a power audit usually cost?

My power bill has more than doubled since I had my neutral wire repaired. We had a power surge that took out a bunch of appliances and ever since then our power bill has doubled. I live in a townhouse and my neighbor has more square footage and pays about 45% of what I pay.

What is the best power supply for a Nvidia 9800gtx?

My current power is 400w on my gateway lx6200, I know that nvidia claims thats enough but I want a little more power.

Amphi-Festival 2012 – Industrial Dance Meeting

Time for a reminder of the awesome Amphi-Festival 2012! ;) If you are in my video and dont be marked write me your name and channel with which you want to be…

How do they get big cranes on top of high rise buildings?

I work in downtown Atlanta, and they are doing some kind of work on top of one of the high rise buildings downtown with a big crane. I was wondering how they got that heavy of a crane there to begin with? Thanks ahead of time!

How to make a Jolly Roger hoist thingy?

I’m trying to figure out how I could make that thing where pirates hoist the Jolly Roger flag when persuiting ships, with the pulling of the ropes and everything. I’m gonna use a 3×5 foot flag and installing it on a kayak. Please help!

POWER PLANTS – Modern Marvels (full documentary)


Crane & Co. Regent Blue Hand Bordered Ecruwhite Correspondence Cards

  • Hand bordered design
  • 96 lb. Ecruwhite Kid Finish
  • Card measures 4 1/4 x 6 3/8 inches
  • 10 cards / 10 lined envelopes
  • 100% cotton paper

Product Description
From the moment they open the envelope featuring a rich, regent blue liner, recipients of this hand bordered card know this is no ordinary correspondence. Framed in regent blue, each ecruwhite card is perfect for getting your message across…. More >>

Crane & Co. Regent Blue Hand Bordered Ecruwhite Correspondence Cards

How is the power of jet engines determined and how does it compare to the horsepower in piston engines?

Is there a formula to convert jet power to horsepower as we know it?

Asian Exclusive Transformers Legion – Hoist

  • Asia exclusive release, with limited US release. Comes with a new rifle weapon.

Product Description
Hoist isn’t the scientist that Autobot Rathcet is. All he is, is a top-notch field medic and maintenance ‘bot. Without Hoist, the Autobots would quickly fall apart, as it is his maintenance schedule that keeps them rolling – and fighting – at peak efficiency…. More >>

Asian Exclusive Transformers Legion – Hoist