How does the procedure for using the microscope differ under high power as opposed to low power?

How does the procedure for using the microscope differ under high power as opposed to low power?Describe the changes in the field of view and the amount of available light when going from low to high power using the compound microscope.

Air Hogs – Fly Crane – Yellow

  • Grab and go with the Air Hogs Remote Control Fly Crane
  • There’s only one thing better than a flying toy helicopter and that’s a flying toy helicopter that picks stuff up and drops it off
  • Swoop in on objects with the 7 inches long Fly Crane chopper and collect them in its basket before transporting your cargo off round the room
  • The amazing remote control toy has great stability and an extendable grabble hook for making pick-ups while airborne
  • Includes: 1 Fly Crane, 3 Baskets with Loops, 1 Controller/Charger, 1 Instruction Sheet

Product Description
No object is out of reach when you pilot the Air Hogs Fly Crane! Using Steady Fly Technology™ the Air Hogs Fly Crane lets you pick up, transport, and drop off objects with the utmost stability. With the push of a button you can drop and retract your grapple hook to automatically haul cargo. Use your 3 looped baskets to transport crucial supplies to places only the Fly Crane can reach. When you need something moved look to the sky for the Air Hogs Fly Crane! Requires 6 x AA batteries (not included). Suitable for ages 10 years and over. Styles and colours may vary…. More >>

Air Hogs – Fly Crane – Yellow

Is angle important while working with a manual chain hoist?

Can manual chain hoists work at any angle? Like 40 degrees? I believe it can work at any angle (360 degrees).
A simple example:

Can’t i pull a car with a hoist? (of course i can. but is it safe for the device?)
Chains won’t tangle when they are tense.

How to connect a powered mixer to a power amp?

I have an EV61 powered mixer and a Pyle PTA3000 power amp. I am trying to run the mixer to the amp but the mixer only has speaker level (powered) outs, no line level outs.

Is is a terrible idea to run the speaker level outs into the inputs on the power amp, which I assume is supposed to receive line level?

What do you call the cables on the power supply on a computer?

What do you call the cables coming from the power supply on a computer that powers the hard drives, Cd Drives and so on?

I feel really stupid because I simply cannot think of the name.

Historia y Evolución de la Ingeniería Industrial

Proyecto final de Introducción a la Ingeniería Industrial. Por: René Quiel, Joaquin Cuelho, Dianexis Chaverra. Sountrack: Pirates of the caribbean live orche…

Crane Mini Convection Heater, Black

  • Allergy friendly ? won?t dry out air or stir up dust
  • Energy efficient (400W)
  • Ultra-slim profile fits almost anywhere
  • Splash proof technology makes it perfect for bathrooms
  • Overheat and GFCI protection shuts unit off automatically

Product Description
“Cozy up to a hip hearth”: Warm up your space in style with the Crane Convection Heater. A sleek design and stylish finish makes this space heater stand out from the rest. Featuring an ultra-slim design, the Crane Convection Heater is the ideal addition to any room where you need extra warmth. This unit features an optional built-in fan for quick and efficient heat circulation, a thermostat to automatically regulate temperature and a timer that lets you program the heater to turn on and off at your convenience…. More >>

Crane Mini Convection Heater, Black

How does the federal government have the power to regulate/ban firearms?

Where do they get the power to do this? Is it from the Commerce Clause?

What size crane would one need to hoist a Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet onto a second story roof?

If you are reading this you are probably wondering why anyone would want to do this. Let me explain the situation. My next door neighbor and I are great friends. We are constantly playing hilarious jokes on each other and we always have to one up every joke.

About a month ago I tossed a bunch of road kill in his swimming pool. He responded by setting my shrubs on fire. For my next prank I had his house painted bright pink while he was on vacation. Then he got me back by digging up my front yard with a backhoe while I was at work. Given his pattern he obviously knows I love my lawn.

He just got a brand new E-Class Cabriolet. I want to have it hoisted onto his roof in the middle of the night. I need to rent a good crane and it should probably be fairly quiet.

Haha we love playing these pranks so this should be a good one if I can pull it off.

Australia’s Greatest Inventions: From boomerangs to the Hills Hoist

Product Description
Australia has a reputation for innovation and inventiveness — that famous ‘tie it up with fence-wire’ attitude towards getting things done is one of our best-known national characteristics.
Popular opinion tells us that a knack for adaptation — for jerry rigging and so-called ‘bush improvisation’ — is one of the qualities that marks us out as Australian. If you had to play ‘spot the Australian’ among other nationalities, you’d choose the ones with the duct tape and pliers in their hands. But ask your average Aussie to reel off a list of uniquely Australian inventions at a pub trivia night, and most won’t get much further than the stump-jump plough, the Hills Hoist, Speedos and the pav… More >>

Australia’s Greatest Inventions: From boomerangs to the Hills Hoist