POWER BURGER Challenge #1 – W/ BajanCanadian, JeromeASF, xRpmx13x, and Noahcraftftw,

No words. Let me go throw up now. Film yourself trying this challenge, send it to me via twitter http://www/twitter.com/palmerater with the #PowerMovesOnly a…

Any opinions on camera cranes?

I am looking at:







I don’t like the cranes that use a wired pulley systems for controlling the camera.

The crane will need to carry a 7 pound camcorder.
Nikolai, thanks… I appreciate the feedback and insight. To you and others who may be interested, the “cable mechanism” that I don’t think I like is on http://www.cameracranes.us/ and a couple of others. It seems to be how the camera’s up/down control is maintained. The three I listed on the original post have a solid piece of metal, running parallel to the actual boom, controlling that camera motion.

Actually, my cameras (either a Sony HDR-HC1 or HDR-FX1) are under 7 pounds – closer to 5 pounds for the heavier FX1, but I agree with the “scariness” of putting my investment out there up to 12 (or more) feet away with a thumbscrew…

I like the “turnkey” ProAm because it comes with everything – so either THEY put it all together or I do – either way, it needs to be done.

I have a couple of light trees (which is the heavy duty ProAm tripod), so I don’t really need it from ProAm – but I need to connect the crane to that tripod… Whether Kessler or GlideCam or ProAm…

Diamond Interview at Breakfast Club Power 105.1 (04/18/2014) (FULL)

Diamond Breakfast Club Diamond Breakfast Club Diamond Breakfast Club Diamond Breakfast Club Diamond Breakfast Club Diamond Breakfast Club Diamond Breakfast C…

The Red Badge of Courage

Product Description
Henry Fleming, a private in the Union Army, runs away from the field of war. Afterwards, the shame he feels at this act of cowardice ignites his desire to receive an injury in combat—a “red badge of courage” that will redeem him. Stephen Crane’s novel about a young soldier’s experiences during the American Civil War is well known for its understated naturalism and its realistic depiction of battle…. More >>

The Red Badge of Courage

Etrian Odyssey III – Music: Hoist the Sword with Pride in the Heart

Boss battle theme. I like it more than the boss themes in the previous games. It’s that amazing. Composer: Yuzo Koshiro.

Chloe’s power in Smallville?

What is chloe’s special power?

How Do You Build A Hydraulic Crane?

This is for a school project, we need a crane with yydraulics to pick up things for science.. Any ideas ?!

How to write these as a power?

How do i write these as a single power and evaluate the power?

1.5 power of 3 x 5 power of 1
2.2 power of 12 ÷ 12 power of 10
3.(-2) power 4 x (-2) power 3

25-03-2011 Programa: La organización industrial.

25-03-2011 Programa: La organización industrial moderna. Programa de televisión. Fecha de emisión: 25-03-2011 Duración: 15′ 29” La actividad industrial es a…

Fusion power, nuclear power?

What is the difference between existing nuclear power plants we have and fusion power plants in the future.
Also, there are already fusion power plants?