mobile crane accident.

one mobile crane is leaving the job site…….

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  1. MarcLaemmerhirt  on April 6th, 2012

    There was one fatality… Cos I don’t really think the Crane survived that Crash to be honest….


  2. AndreaMeny  on April 6th, 2012

    Ciao Fabio: io ero diretto a San Donnino proprio poco dopo l’incidente, mi ricordo che la strada era completamente allagata per la rottura di un idrante antincendio.


  3. juvmol  on April 6th, 2012

    wow! wath a great video! thums up and favprite so sad this accident happen , and yes a indeed a very impresive move from the operators perfectly well cordinated moving back to its original position the rollover crane , thumbs up amigo


  4. wiggsgixer  on April 6th, 2012

    holy shit that is one hell of a crash!!!!! some recovery work there too!!!!!!!


  5. POLANDcrane  on April 6th, 2012

    super movie…bad accident:(


  6. AC160  on April 6th, 2012

    It was an ugly incident. Hopefully there was not some casualty.


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