is it illegal to shoot a crane bird in your yard attacking your pets?

i live in a residential city in California. i have a fish pond. there is a crane that has already killed 3-4 of our fish and recently attacked our little chiwawa (hes fine!). This bird is enormous and i want to know if i will be legal to shoot it with a pellet rifle. If i cant, there is something seriously wrong with the laws.

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  1. RobC  on May 4th, 2011

    Just do it anyway, as long as you use every part of the crane you killed


  2. Kevin Nguyen  on May 4th, 2011

    You should build a tent like structure over your pond or area where you’re pets are and cover it with a net.


  3. Ann Carroll  on May 4th, 2011

    please dont kill it, its only doing whats natural to him. if someone put a meal in front of you, you would probably eat it. if some one shot you for it, that would be wrong. you could put a net over it or motion sensitive sprinklers around it. or you could buy an aviary to put over it. it could be a walk in aviary, and now you have a nice enclosure to enjoy your pond. it will keep birds, bugs, and pests away, while allowing you to set up a whole space in their for you and you pets. its inexpensive too.
    the reson i suggest an aviary is because it can function just like a porch, but its alot easier and cheaper. and what if that bird has chicks, then one day their mom doesnt come home and over night a racoon comes and eats deffensless chicks. also its hard to dispose of the body, do you realy want to carry a big, heavy, dead crane and dump it where it will decay and attract flies, and maggots…ewww…. if your interested in a aviary(which will function like a porch) search walk in aviaries for sale. please do the right thing and find some way to humanely remove the bird. if you ABSOLUTLY HAVE TO shoot him, try to make it a quik humane kill. please dont kill him


  4. gail  on May 4th, 2011

    Well, yes it is. In most states however you can apply for a permit to kill wildlife that is attacking your livestock (maybe even your pets) but you have to show monetary losses and also that every other way to get rid of the beast has been tried but failed. You prob wouldn’t be granted a permit, I certainly hope not. This is usually reserved for ranchers whose livestock is being taken by predators. Put your efforts into covering the pond and chasing the bird away so that it feels too harassed to bother coming to your yard. For permission to kill this bird contact your state’s Department of Natural Resources to find out what the process is. The first thing they’ll do is give you info on deterring the bird, tho.

    I’m not going to debate whether is okay to kill cranes or bald eagles or black bears or any other native animal because it comes into a back yard that has tempting food for it to eat. There are entities in the civilized world who think there is something seriously wrong with laws that allow people to keep animals as pets or for any sort of entertainment & that would include a back yard fish pond. Hey, every body’s got an angle. LOL =: ]


  5. birdgirl  on May 4th, 2011

    If you have a fish pond, it is up to YOU to protect your fish with some netting over the top of it. Otherwise just about any animal can get to them including racoons, birds, cats, dogs, etc. NO, you cannot legally shoot a wild native bird..highly illegal. If you are offering a free meal, then someone is sure to take it! Also, if you have a small breed dog, it too should be protected by not letting it roam outside without supervision. Coyotes LOVE to eat small breed dogs! Anyone living in California should be well versed on this issue. Please take responsibility for your pets to keep them safe which does not in any way, shape or form involve killing wildlife. There are sensible ways for you to keep your pets safe without harming anyone or anything.


  6. Trading Post  on May 4th, 2011

    Maybe if not. Just try to make them go away in your yard so that they won’t attack your pets anymore.


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