I’ve been thinking about getting an industrial piercing for quite some time now. The only thing that I’m worried about is that I have heard it hurts really bad and that it bleeds like no other all over your hair at night. Is this true?

I asked a professional piercer about it, she measured my ear, and said that my ear would require a bigger barbell. Does anyone have a bigger barbel and would be able to tell me how much it costs to get a bigger one rather than the smaller one?

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  1. key G  on November 17th, 2010

    i hurts soo bad and its a pain wen u go 2 sleep if u sleep on tha said of ur face


  2. Zombie_Eater  on November 17th, 2010

    First of all, ear cartilage doesn’t have major veins, so you aren’t going to be GUSHING blood everywhere. There will be some dried blood for the first few days, but that’s common with most piercings. Trust me, I have 26 piercings, all of them bleed, but only a few drops total over the period of 2-4 days.

    It will hurt badly and your ear will be sore for a while. You won’t want to sleep on that side, or use the phone on that ear either.

    One thing that will GREATLY help with overall pain is to have two pieces of jewelry put in for initial healing. It reduces the pressure on the piercing and can make healing much easier, not to mention reduce the risk for hypertrophic scarring.

    Longer barbells generally don’t cost too much more, but that’s from a retail perspective. The piercer may raise the price greatly, but not all piercers are like that. Generally price shouldn’t be a factor for a job well done. I couldn’t tell you a price since, I’m not piercing you and I don’t know exactly how much bigger the jewelry has to be. Just ask them about price, they’ll know.

    Take care of your piercing and good luck.


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