How would you hoist a motorcycle by lifting it straight up?

You probably think I’m crazy, but if I had a winch on my ceiling where should I hook the cables to lift it straight up? I was thinking of soft straps around the triple tree and maybe something on the back axle. I have a 2011 Harley Blackline if that helps.

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  1. Mick  on July 3rd, 2012

    You want to hook to the frame. Take the straps around the headstock. You may have to remove the tank. I’m unfamiliar with that model. Remove the seat to access the frame if you need to.


  2. The Freak Show  on July 3rd, 2012

    Why are you lifting it? That would make a difference. I have used ratchet straps from the ceiling of my garage many times for tire replacement and sprocket changes.


  3. easygoing157  on July 3rd, 2012

    how strong is the ceiling… that’s a lot of weight added to the roof trusses…. could be pulling the roof in….

    BUT.. i would hook to each side of the rear of the bike on the rail under the the rear mud guard….. & the top of each fork tube at the front…


  4. Tim D  on July 3rd, 2012

    You would need to keep the centre of gravity way below the points that you attach the straps to, otherwise the bike will try to hang upsidedown and with a bike that heavy and expensive turning it the right way up would be difficult.

    Is this a space saving effort or to work on the bike?


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