How to set up a hoist to the 2nd floor balcony?

I live upstairs, and our only day-to-day access is up a narrow spiral staircase. I would like to install a pulley hoist system with a box attached, so that we can load groceries and such and get them upstairs easier. I’ve only found garage units for bicycles. Has anyone tried this specific way? Thanks!

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  1. Daddy  on January 10th, 2011

    Since there are no photos available any information you get can only be used at your own peril. It can be dangerous. If it’s OK with your landlord it can work. First of all you have got to pick a clear spot , one that allows the users a free shot top to bottom. Next is to figure where the most stable and safest spot to make the transfer from the grocery basket to make the exchange. Once a good spot is decided on see where you have access to a solid connection point to attach a hanger for your pulley. (can you get a carpenter?) It always pays to call an “expert” when in doubt. The peace of mind can be priceless. (I am not recommending any design concepts, just suggestions on materials) Good luck !


  2. Skull  on January 10th, 2011


  3. Joe  on January 10th, 2011

    Go to a roofing supply store and get a ladder pulley. Or make one that swings out of a window.


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