How much does a power audit usually cost?

My power bill has more than doubled since I had my neutral wire repaired. We had a power surge that took out a bunch of appliances and ever since then our power bill has doubled. I live in a townhouse and my neighbor has more square footage and pays about 45% of what I pay.

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  1. Rick K  on September 11th, 2013

    it usally does not cost a thing…… but you can turn off your main power and see if the meter is still moving,,,, if it is call the power company because your meter is defective….. This happened to me after a bad storm about 5 yrs ago….. the meter just kept drawing power somehow!!! they cam and checked it and then replaced it!!!!


  2. abacaxitoo  on September 11th, 2013

    Power audits are usually free from the power company. Tell them you think someone has “hot-wired” into your supply from theirs, ot that the meters are wired wrong and they will be right out to look.

    For a test, turn off all the power at the meter: if your neighbor’s place is wired into yours, they will have things going dead and should come out to look.


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