How illegal is it to climb a crane?

I’m into urban exploration and basically the one thing I haven’t done is climb a crane. I don’t actually know where one is that I could climb, but I definitely will do it someday. I’m just wondering how illegal it would be?

Also, don’t give me any “it’s not safe” bull, I’m perfectly confident in my abilities and ready to accept the consequences if I get caught.

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  1. Chuck  on October 6th, 2013

    Unless you have permission from the owner, it would be considered trespassing.


  2. c_kayak_fun  on October 6th, 2013

    Not only illegal (with fines and possibly jail time and a record for criminal trespass) but stupidly dangerous. I’m a construction manager and we had a site about 14 years ago where 3 teen boys broke in overnight and were goofing around climbing in elevator shafts which had the doors off for the renovation. While one of them was in the shaft sliding on cables one of his buddies tripped the controls and the car moved up and pinned the kid. His buddies freaked out and ran home, not telling anyone what happened. When the first workmen on the site came in the next morning and pushed the button for the elevator, the kid’s crushed and disemboweled body came up with it. It was really an ugly scene — a lot of the guys there puked when they saw it and the project was shut down for two days while the police completed an investigation. The parents of the kid tried to sue the building owner for the accident but the court fortunately ruled that he had trespassed and had no “reasonable expectation” of safety. In fact there was talk of the building owner going after the parents for failure to supervise their child since he was out after city curfew in the first place.

    On another site where my company worked, an old steel mill being overhauled, a 14 year old kid was climbing around on cranes in the building over the weekend. He reached out to pull himself up by a hanging cable, which was a live power feed at 600 volts. The electric shock blew off his foot and burned his face severely. He was lucky not to die but his life is ruined. You can NOT presume that because construction equipment is not in operation that the power and controls on it are locked out. In fact many structures like cranes have to be kept live even when they are not being used. Wind moves them too, and there are dangerous pinch and entrapment points for anyone not trained and experienced in working around them.

    Even if you get away with your exploit undetected, you could inadvertently tamper with things on the structure which would endanger the workman returning to operate it.

    Stay off. And if you choose to be an arrogant douche and do it anyway, I hope you get nailed. And that ain’t no bull, Junior.


  3. MocktheKiller  on October 6th, 2013

    Not at all if you don’t get caught. However cranes are private property, you’ll get your handed to you if you get caught.


  4. Deephouse  on October 6th, 2013

    Here comes Chuck again with his everlasting wisdom. Heres Chuck:”Climbing a crane is illegal. I love guns, and law and order!! My politics lean to the right. blah blah blah.” Climbing a crane would be AWESOME. You should do it. videotape it, and post it on youtube for all to see.


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