How do they power trainsit services like the Subway and Skytrains?

I get that it’s run by electricity, but the question is does every station provide power, or does the power come from specifically one source? If every station provides the power, how is it that when one station looses power the train is still able to run?

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  1. Elliott J  on August 10th, 2011

    The rails carry electricity. That’s why it is so dangerous to fall onto subway tracks. Not only could you get hit by the train, but the rails themselves have a massive amount of electrical current running through them all the time. There are several variations of this. Sometimes it is the rails themselves and the wheels of the train are the contacts, sometimes there is a “third rail” that runs parallel to the tracks, the train picking up power from that, sometimes there are exposed electrical lines above the tracks that the train is in constant contact with, etc.


  2. kwilfort  on August 10th, 2011

    Power stations at strategic locations on the system.


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