How do I get rid of crane flys?

Okay so im not even sure if these “bugs” are called crane flies, but i go-ogled it and that’s the closest answer i came up with. But its like thousands of them in my yard, there gray, long, ( like a mosquito) EW im terrified. They fly all over the place when im walking the dog, taking the trash out. Help !!( one was even in my car)…They need to go!

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  1. cherry  on December 26th, 2011

    not sure how you can get rid of them, but I do know one thing…They are harmless. They wont hurt you, they even eat other bugs. Maybe thats why they are there. The only thing i can think of is to wait it out, or use one of those pesticides on the lawn that you can get at any home store. dont know if it will help. Hope you have some luck- just remember that they dont bite and will probably go away on their own.


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