How do I check the power at the breaker box for power to the water heater?

We had a branch take out the mast during the snow storm and the mast was bent. The power company cut our power due to the surge it caused. An electrician rewired up to the meter outside. A couple of weeks later we are having issues. The water heater quit working, we replaced it, but no power! Replacing the fuses, but one line of outlets in the kitchen seem to be weak or not working, too. It blew several appliances at the time of the surge. Could this be related? I am not sure where to go from here.

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  1. Breath on the wind  on June 13th, 2012

    Your electric water heater is going to be (US & Canada) 220. It is possible that one leg of the power coming into the house is “out” or with reduced voltage. This may be a bad breaker of the “surge” may have damaged some equipment in the street. The result would be some outlets/fixtures in the house would not function properly.

    To check the power you will need a voltmeter and it would not be a bad idea to get is coupled with an amprobe (though it will be more expensive) Checking the power requires taking the cover off and applying the probes to the bare conductors being tested.

    Using the amprobe is a matter of clipping a conductor while it is live for a reading of amperage.

    The light sticks to test “power” may give a false reading if the voltage is not correct. Additionally they are not going to give a complete picture.

    As you can see you are dealing with a close proximity to exposed conductors. If you are not comfortable with this or are unsure of what you are doing as the question suggests perhaps it would be wise to call an expert in to check. He will come not only with his meters but with his experience.


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