How did the industrial revolution from the18th-19th century has shaped our perceptions on socioeconomic dev?

How did the industrial revolution from the 18th-19th century has shaped/changed our perceptions on the socioeconomic development back then as compared to what we’ve been experiencing in our decade today?

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  1. the old dog  on April 13th, 2013

    It is the root of the power the common man has today. The “Industrial Revolution” created money and it created a middle class and that my friend led to the suffragettes, the political landscape, and the power to voice our opinions in the economic world. Without the middle class there would have been no need to sell vacuum cleaners, toasters, television, cars, roads, highways etc, etc, etc,.
    With a collective demographic of middle class workers world wide the huge corporations grew by the sales and development of a workforce to buy these things.
    “The American Dream”.
    To have a house and a car and a family with food, clothing, and small luxuries spun by the advertisements of the late forties and fifties to an extent that was impossible beforehand. It advertising of goods and sales were inflamed by the advent of “television” and that is one product that was a product of the mid twentieth century and without the foundation of the industrial revolution we would not have had that damnable luxury of “Television”.
    The communications brought on by that one machine has ended wars, started political revolutions and showed the most horrors we ever saw. It also was the precursor to all our telecommunications we enjoy now. I-pad, cell phones, digital photos, video from telephones, computers, the Internet, personal computers in every home, satellite channels. A literal atomic explosion of technology and communications that we’ve never had in all of the history of mankind.
    And everything we have today is built on the foundations that the Industrial Revolution.


  2. Yolayoloyulo  on April 13th, 2013

    Back then it helped put an end to the feudal system which pretty much enslaved the entire world. It was finally possible for people to produce and sell their own things and that way not owe anything to anyone.
    The irony is that nowadays the financial Powers That Be have found another way to enslave people by offering them credit and have them in debt. Be are now back to square one as we were in the Great Depression and as we were before the industrial revolution began.
    Go figure.


  3. fritya56  on April 13th, 2013

    our perceptions stil look to the greater world for development at least for the over 45 age group but we have experienced a downsize in manufacturing that will not return so the development is limited which in turn offers lower opportunities . we have seen students used as a debt generator , house price inflation , all based on service industry development . it will be interesting to see from here on in ” development ” . it seems the service industry mentality is now subsiding and looking around for new development . a bifurcation in the social and economic status quo .


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