Connecting and engine hoist to a 1984 Chevy 350?

I know how to use an engine hoist and an engine stand and all that fun stuff and rebuild the motor. I have just never hooked up the engine hoist. On a 1984 Chevy 350, where do I hook up the chain on the engine hoist?

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  1. Tom  on September 20th, 2013

    sometimes there’s lift hooks on the motor itself. You could also try wrapping another chain around the motor a few times, or a few chains wrapped around the motor , and make a sling of sorts.


  2. McLovin  on September 20th, 2013

    You usually can hook it up to brackets that you might have already taken off the engine. I have also hooked the chains up to the manifold where the carburetor was, just get some bolts that are the right size(threads) but they must fit through the chain links(use large washers on the bolt before slipping it through the link for safety and stability), and turn them down in the holes on top of the manifold. Just be careful and not screw up the manifold. You can use your best judgment and mount the chains anywhere that wont damage the engine, parts or is unsafe, just make sure not get the wrong size bolts and strip out any threads. There is always a way you can figure out how to mount it to the hoist (southern engineering). Good luck!


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