Can I use a grade 30 chain instead of a grade 80 in a manual hoist?

I have a 2200 pounds manual hoist with a 10 feet 3/16” lift chain, grade 80.

Now I need a lift chain of 46 feet but I can’t find it in grade 80, only grade 30 (I live in Mexico).

Do you think I can safely use grade 30 chain lifting 550 pounds at a time?

Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your time for my question.

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  1. tinkertailorcandlestickmaker  on January 5th, 2012

    First of all, will the chain actually fit the chain wheel properly? Can you be sure that the load will never exceed 550lbs? Grade 30 is a little more than one third as strong as grade 80, but if you are only putting one quarter the load on it , logically it would seem OK.
    However, grade 30 is not rated for over head lifting, if there is no chance that anyone will ever be under the load, is suppose it would be safe enough, but if people will be under the load I wouldn’t use grade 30.


  2. Wiwiet W  on January 5th, 2012

    If it’s safe to use grade 80 chain, it could be safe to use grade 30 chain. Because the different between grade 80 and 30 not in the strength. The different between all range grade is only on corrotion, its shiny looks and its stiffness.

    So it’s safe to use it.


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